The All-New Trek Speed Concept

Speed Concept is the fastest bike we have ever tested in the wind tunnel.  Capable of shaving around 6 minutes off the bike leg at Kona for the typical athlete compared to the old bike.  ​

Not only fast, it’s built to be a complete triathlon solution with integrated storage and hydration that carries a full IM’s worth of supplies with no aerodynamic penalty. ​

IsoSpeed makes Speed Concept up to 40% more comfortable than the previous generation to keep athletes fresher not only on the bike, but also on the run.  ​

Fit is easy to dial in for nearly every athlete, and the bike can be simply packed for travel without changing fit on re-assembly.


Fastest bike we’ve ever tested in the wind tunnel​

Around 6 minutes faster at Kona than previous bike​

16W faster than previous bike​

Developed to make the rider more aerodynamic​

Bento Box:​

Can store up to eight gels​

Two removable dividers​

Dishwasher safe​

No aero penalty​

Included with bike​

Aero Downtube Bottle:​

700mL capacity​

No aero penalty​

Can hold concentrated drink mix to fill BTA to desired hydration strategy​

Included with bike​

Flat Kit:​

Holds BITS multi tool, threaded C02, inflator head, tube, tire lever​

No aero penalty​

Accessible under Aero Downtube Bottle​

Included with bike (flat accessories are not)​

BTA Bottle:​

Between the arms is the fastest place to store water  ​

New BTA bottle stores 700mL water, and is refillable on the fly​

Straw allows intake of fluids without leaving aero position​

Sold separately​


Massive fit window​

Easy adjustments with minimal tools​

Fit is preserved when handlebars are removed for travel​


Up to 40% more comfort than previous bike​

Forward pivot is optimised for a triathlete’s weight bias​

Other Details:​

OCLV 800​

Disc brakes​

T47 BB​

Blendr computer and light mounts available