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Welcome to Wheelworx, your ultimate destination for premium triathlon bikes in Dublin, Ireland. Our extensive collection features top-tier brands and cutting-edge designs tailored for triathletes seeking peak performance. From sleek carbon frames to precision-engineered components, explore our range curated to elevate your triathlon experience.

Discover a diverse selection of specialized bikes suited for various skill levels,

At Wheelworx, we don't just offer bikes; we provide a complete experience. Enjoy personalized consultations, professional fittings, and guidance on optimizing your ride. With our commitment to quality and passion for cycling, we strive to be more than a bike shop—we're your partner in achieving triathlon success.

Visit Wheelworx in Dublin (D22R940) and immerse yourself in the world of triathlon bikes. Elevate your performance, conquer the course, and embrace the thrill of triathlons with the perfect bike companion from Wheelworx

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