Bike Service - Gold

Brand: Wheelworx
Product Code: Gold Service
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The ultimate treat for your bike - The 'Works'! A comprehensive full service for the bicycle that is in frequent use, or has been neglected a little too long including brake pad refills, full cables, full lube/oil and grease. Also for key competitions and races, a full strip down, cleaning and re-assembly will ensure you hit the start line with your bike in the best possible condition. The rest is down to you.

Summary of what we will do:
• All the steps completed in the SILVER service schedule and...
• Bicycle completely stripped down
• All frame threads checked/chased/cleaned, head service and BB service
• Disc mounts and Bottom bracket shell faced if required
• Bottom bracket removed and re-greased. Shell cleaned
• Full degrease and cleaning of the chain and refitting
• All gear components removed, cleaned, checked for wear
• If required we bleed the hydraulic brake system and refill with new brake fluid 
• Test ride to ensure bicycle is ready for collection